AG - Attorney General

ARC - Agricultural Research Centre (1980s name for the DOA)

BAS - British Antarctic Survey

BAT - British Antarctic Territory

BFBS - British Forces Broadcasting Service

BFFI - British Forces Falkland Islands (renamed BFSAI)

BFSAI - British Forces South Atlantic Islands

CBFFI - Commander (of the) British Forces Falkland Islands (renamed CBFSAI)

CBFSAI - Commander (of the) British Forces South Atlantic Islands

CE - Chief Executive (of FIG)

CMO - Chief Medical Officer

CO-OP - Falkland Islands Co-operative Society

C&W - Cable & Wireless plc

DHSA - Darwin Harbour Sports Association

DHSS - Director of Health and Social Services (see KEMH)

DOA - Department of Agriculture

DPW - Director of Public Works (see PWD)

EOD - Explosive Ordnance Disposal 

EPD - Environmental Planning Department

EPO - Environmental Planning Officer (see EPD)

ESD - East Stanley Development

EXCO - Executive Council

FBE - Fox Bay East

FBV - Fox Bay Village

FBW - Fox Bay West

FC - Falklands Conservation

FCO - Foreign & Commonwealth Office

FI - Falkland Islands

FIBS - Falkland Islands Broadcasting Station 

FIC - Falkland Islands Company Limited

FICS - Falkland Islands Community School 

FICZ - Falklands Interim Conservation Zone

FIDB - Falkland Islands Development Board (see FIDC)

FIDC - Falkland Islands Development Corporation

FIDF - Falkland Islands Defence Force

FIG - Falkland Islands Government

FIGAS - Falkland Islands Government Air Service

FIGO - Falkland Islands Government Office (in London)

FIMCO - Falkland Islands Meat Company Limited

FIMNT - Falkland Islands Museum & National Trust

FINN - Falkland Islands News Network 

FIODA - Falkland Islands Operatic & Dramatic Association

FIOGA - Falkland Islands Overseas Games Association

FIPASS - Floating Intermediate Port And Storage System

FIST - Falkland Islands Shrub & Tree Group

FIT - Falkland Islands Tourism Limited

FITB - Falkland Islands Tourism Board (superceded by FIT)

FITT - Falkland Islands Tourism & Travel Limited

FLH - Falklands Landholdings Limited

FOCZ - Falklands Outer Conservation Zone

FOSA - Falklands Offshore Sharing Agreement (between oil operators)

FS - Financial Secretary (of FIG)

GH - Government House (see FCO)

GS - Government Secretary (of FIG)

HMSC - Health and Medical Services Committee (see FIG)

HQ-BFFI - Headquarters (of the) British Forces Falkland Islands

HV - Health Visitor

IJS - Infant & Junior School

JB - San Carlos, colloquial name after former owner Jack Bonner

KEMH - King Edward VII Memorial Hospital

ITT - International Tours & Travel Limited

JMA - Jeremy Moore Avenue

KC - Port San Carlos, colloquial name after former owner Keith Cameron

LEGCO - Legislative Council

MOD - Ministry of Defence

MPA - Mount Pleasant Airport

MPC - Mount Pleasant Complex (alternative name for MPA)

NAAFI - Navy Army Air Force Institute (military shopping & catering services)

PBC - Planning and Building Committee (see FIG)

PWD - Public Works Department

RBA - Rural Business Association

RFIP - Royal Falkland Islands Police

RG - Registrar General

RIC - Roulement Infantry Company

SAMA - South Atlantic Medal Association 1982

SAMS - South Atlantic Marine Services Limited

SCB - Standard Chartered Bank

SGSSI - (Government of) South Georgia & South Shetland Islands

SLC - Stanley Lands Committee (see FIG)

SSA - Stanley Sports Association

SSL - Stanley Services Limited

SSVC - Services Sound & Vision Corporation (operates BFBS)

SVO - Senior Veterinary Officer

SWAMS - South West Atlantic Mid-Winter Swim

SWD - Social Work Department

TI - Teal Inlet

UKFIT - United Kingdom Falkland Islands Trust

WFSA - West Falkland Sports Association

YMCA - Young Men's Christian Association 


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