Buildings and Structures in the Falkland Islands designated as being of Architectural or Historic Interest

( Last Updated 19 January 2006)

The Old House, Long Island

The Galpon, Darwin
Stone Corral, Darwin

The Stone Cottage, Goose Green
Goose Green Hall
(owned by Falklands Landholdings)

Paragon House, Lafonia

Mount Rosalie Dip, Port Howard

Shallow Bay Old House

Stone Corral, Spring Point

Cape Meredith ShantyMission Buildings, Keppel Island

The Stone Cottage, Saunders Island

House & Woolshed on Barren Island

Boathouse, Store & Shed on Carcass Island

Cape Pembroke Lighthouse 
(owned by FIG)

Camber House, Stanley Harbour 
Camber Pump House, Stanley Harbour 
(both owned by FIG)

Government House, Stanley 
(owned by FIG and occupied by His Excellency the Governor)

Cable Cottage, Cable Street, Stanley 
Cemetery Cottage, Snake Hill, Stanley 
Gilbert House, Ross Road, Stanley 
Lois Cottage, John Street, Stanley 
Old RT Station, St. Mary's Walk, Stanley 
Old Stables, Racecourse Road, Stanley 
Police Station, Ross Road, Stanley 
Police Cottages, Ross Road, Stanley 
Powder Magazine, Stanley 
Stanley Cottage, Ross Road, Stanley 
Stanley House, Ross Road / John Street, Stanley 
Sulivan House, Ross Road West, Stanley 
Water Pump, Drury Street, Stanley
Water Pump, John Street, Stanley 
Whalebone Arch, Stanley 
(all owned by FIG)

Old Central Store, Dockyard, Ross Road, Stanley 
Old Gaol, Dockyard, Ross Road, Stanley 
Blacksmith's Shop, Dockyard, Ross Road, Stanley 
Boat House, Dockyard, Ross Road, Stanley 
Workshop, Dockyard, Ross Road, Stanley
(all owned by FIG and forming part of the PWD Dockyard)

Marmont Row, Ross Road, Stanley 
(owned by the FIC and incorporating The Upland Goose Hotel)

Pigeon Loft at 11 Ross Road West, Stanley

4 Fitzroy Road East, Stanley

21 Fitzroy Road, Stanley

4 Villiers Street, Stanley

German Camp East, Callaghan Road, Stanley
German Camp West, Callaghan Road, Stanley

38 Ross Road, Stanley
39 Ross Road, Stanley
40 Ross Road, Stanley
(also known as Jubilee Villas)

4 Drury Street, Stanley
12 Drury Street, Stanley
20 Drury Street, Stanley

4 Pioneer Row, Stanley
5 Pioneer Row, Stanley
6 Pioneer Row, Stanley
8 Pioneer Row, Stanley
9 Pioneer Row, Stanley
14 Pioneer Row, Stanley
15 Pioneer Row, Stanley

7 Pioneer Row
(Cartmell Cottage, owned by the Museum & National Trust)

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