At present there are two ways to fly to the Falkland Islands. 

Via the RAF
The UK Royal Air Force operate three flights per fortnight. The flight leaves from RAF Brize Norton in Oxfordshire. Space is very limited and it has to be remembered that this isn't a commercial flight and therefore times can change at very short notice.
The Flight lands in Ascension Island and you can break your trip either northbound or southbound till the next flight if you wish.

Via LanChile
The national Air carrier of Chile flies once a week from Santiago Chile to the Falkland Islands, this is by far the best way to travel to the Falklands in both cost and service, though it will take you longer as you would normally need to stay overnight in Santiago both ways. However this isn't a hardship as Santiago is a very pleasant city to explore. Please read the press release about flights from South America.

Internal Flights




At present there are two air services operating international flights to and from the Falkland Islands.  For more information please follow the links above.  The latest situation on flights from South America is outlined in the Press Release from Falkland Islands Tourism.

All persons, including Falkland Islands residents, travelling to and from the Falkland Islands on international flights (including Lan Chile and MOD-sponsored flights on RAF tristars or chartered planes) require a valid passport when checking-in for the flight.  A valid passport is also required for all persons arriving by sea.

Visa requirements are the same as for the United Kingdom.  Citizens of countries which do not require visas to enter Britain, do not require visas to enter the Falkland Islands.  Where visas are required, they must be obtained from a British Embassy or Consulate before travelling to the Falkland Islands.

All persons, other than Falkland Islands residents, require a Visitor Permit, Work Permit or Residence Permit.  A Visitor Permit can be granted at the point of entry for up to four weeks.  Alternatively application for a permit can be made before travelling to the Falkland Islands, by contacting the Customs and Immigration Department of the Falkland Islands Government.  British passport holders do not require visas but are subject to Immigration Control and require a permit on the same basis as foreign nationals.

Lan Chile Flights

MOD Flights
Local Flights
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