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The best way to generate money is to invite advertisers to place a banner in the top left hand corner of each page in the portal. These adverts rotate so visitors to the portal will see a different banner each time they look at a page.

There are two ways in which advertisers can participate. First, you can choose to become an affiliate link, which means you pay us a small agreed amount each time someone buys something from you via our website; or alternatively you can choose to pay per impression (at present £5/1000 impressions, in other words £5 for every 1000 times your banner is displayed to visitors to the portal). Banners paid for by 'pay per impression' receive priority over banners sponsored by 'affiliate link'.

Why advertise with us? We aim to become the most comprehensive and frequently-visited website about the Falkland Islands. This will give you, our advertisers, a target audience of (one) resident Falkland Islanders with high disposable incomes who frequently shop via the internet and (two) prospective tourists with an interest in all things Falklands.

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