Falkland Islands Information Portal

Continuous Development

  • Add more information as it becomes available

Near Future

  • Add an Events Calendar
  • Cross link articles
  • Add a Picture Gallery
  • Discussion Forums /Bulletin Boards including events and jobs
  • Search Facility
  • Tide Tables
  • Improve the weather section
  • Mailing List

Long Term Plans

  • Fully integrate all parts of the website
  • Improve the graphic design
  • Have a user-customable home page
  • Tourist Guide with important information, places to visit, tour of Stanley, accommodation etc.

We are always on the lookout for more information, and in particular the following:

  • Articles, for example on history (your experiences in the 1982 War to a Boys Brigade outing in the 1970s) or on flora, fauna, geology, geography, astronomy - you choose!.
  • Photos, especially older photos showing the Islands as they were
  • Texts of Communiques issued by the Argentine occupiers in 1982
  • Texts of the various United Nation resolutions affecting the Islands
  • Text and/or commentary on the 1989 (?) Madrid Agreement
  • Newsletters of the Falkland Islands Associations (up to edition 60).

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